Here are some of my favorite people who have helped me personally and/or professionally in the areas of healing and spiritual growth who I highly recommend:

Keoki Tavares (Intuitive/psychic and creator of Aloha Elixir products)

*Keoki is an amazing intuitive who is spot on with his psychic gifts.  He is able to see things and know things that no one could know if they weren’t gifted.  Keoki is the person that I go to when I need spiritual guidance and advice.  I have had multiple sessions with Keoki that were incredible and have many clients who have had amazing sessions with him as well. His sessions are very helpful to me, as they provide me with the knowledge and insight that I need to understand specific relationships in my life as well as spiritual guidance to assist me with decision-making in specific areas of my life.  

*Keoki has a very down to earth personality and is so easy to talk to.  He is straight forward in what he sees and comforting in his advice.  

*Keoki’s Aloha Elixir products are amazing :). He creates intention candles and sprays that help you to manifest what you want in your life as well as protect yourself from any negative energy around you.  Some of my favorite Aloha Elixir products are: Releasing and Crystal Clear sprays (Sage and Palo Santo sprays...I carry them with me to my offices to cleanse the space, as I work with many clients who deal with difficult situations) and Gratitude, Harmonious Home, Letting Go, Awakening (Kaulana Yoshimoto’s Aloha Elixir can purchase this candle on Kaulana’s website), Now, Money, and Angel candles.  

*To schedule an appointment with Keoki, you can visit his website:

 Emma Kupu Mitchell (Healer)

*Emma is an amazing healer who specializes in sound crystal bowl healing as well as other forms of the healing arts.  Emma and I collaborate once every few months to do Past Life Regression/Sound Crystal Bowl healing events at the Healing Arts Center in Aiea.  I have also seen her for healing sessions and have experienced healing on a deep level through her crystal bowls.  When I leave Emma’s sessions, I feel cleansed and grounded.  She is amazing :)

*Emma has weekly workshops that she hosts, including sound crystal bowl meditations among others.  

*Emma and Christine Pensa have a podcast called the Awakened Woman self care podcast which can be accessed on iTunes.  This is the podcast that I am featured on, where I discuss ways in which Past Life Regression can help with self-care (See Podcast Interview tab to listen to the podcast).  

*To contact Emma, you can visit her website: 

Kaulana Yoshimoto, Phd (Healer/Intuitive/Spiritual Medium/Kahu/Psychologist)

*Kaulana is an amazing healer/intuitive/Kahu...I have had Kaulana in my home to bless/cleanse it as well as tune into spiritual gifts of family members.  He was amazing and was able to offer information about my family members that helps me to understand their personalities, gifts, and purpose in this lifetime.  Kaulana also mentors some of my gifted clients.  These clients report positive experiences with him in each session. 

*Kaulana exudes a warm, nurturing, and loving energy that is amazing to be around.  His intention for helping others is felt in his presence. 

*Kaulana has a special candle created by Keoki Tavares of Aloha Elixir called "Awakening" that I highly recommend purchasing for those who wish to become awakened in areas of their life that could use some assistance/spiritual guidance.

*Kaulana also holds workshops throughout the month, including meditation and crystal workshops (both of which I have attended and highly recommend for those who are interested in these topics, as they have helped me to learn a lot of information in both areas).

*To contact Kaulana, you can call him at (808)927-9170 or visit his website: 

 Jennifer Gonsalves (Healer/Intuitive/Spiritual Medium) 

*Jennifer is an amazing intuitive and spiritual medium who specializes in DNA clearing and past life healing.  She, along with Kaulana Yoshimoto, came into my home to bless/cleanse it as well as offer wisdom about my gifted family members.  I have also had individual sessions with Jennifer and was amazed at the additional insight that she was able to provide for me about my family members as well as information on past lives that I have shared with special people in my life.  Her gifts are incredible.  

*Jennifer exudes a kind, loving energy and is so easy to talk to.  She works out of her home (totally separate section...really beautiful space) in Pauoa, which is really easy to find.

*I describe Jennifer as a "hidden gem," as she is truly gifted.  Not a lot of people are aware of her, which is why I wanted to share her information for others to be able to experience her amazing gifts :)  

*To contact Jennifer, you can text at (808)561-7494

 Courtney Starkey, M.Ed.,  (Certified Hypnotherapist)

*Courtney is an amazing hypnotherapist with such a good heart, great spirit, and good intentions who exudes such positive energy and passion for helping others.  Courtney also trained with Dr. Brian Weiss in Past Life Regression Therapy after experiencing her own healing through past life regression.  In addition, she trained with The Newton Institute (Life Between Lives Hypnotherapy), and Dolores Cannon’s Quantum Healing Hypnosis Academy (Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique).  

*Courtney often travels from the Mainland to Hawaii to conduct individual sessions and group regressions.  She also hosts meet up groups in Hawaii for those interested in past life regression.

*Courtney offers skype sessions for those who cannot see her in-person.

*To contact Courtney, you can visit her website: 

Susan Suzuki (Healer, Owner of the Healing Arts Center in Aiea)

*Susan is a long-time friend of mine (over 15 years) who is an amazing healer.  I have had many sessions with Susan over the years and have felt cleansed, grounded, and recharged after each session.  She offers many different forms of healing, including Theta healing & healing touch among many others.  I have also had many clients who have experienced sessions with Susan who have also felt much better after seeing her.  

*Susan’s energy is so positive that I always feel like I want to hang out with her and not leave her center ;).

*To contact Susan, you can call her at (808)728-2171 or visit her website: