I was so honored to be invited to collaborate with Emma Kupu Mitchell at her events in November 2016, February 2017, May 2017, November 2017, and April 2018. Emma is an amazing healer who specializes in many forms of the healing arts, including crystal bowl sound healing. At all 5 of our sold out events, we both collaborated and offered special healing workshops.  I conducted guided group regressions while Emma played her crystal singing bowls. These events turned out to be very powerful healing experiences for many who attended :). 

**Emma and I plan to do future collaborations.  I will post our next event on this events page once it is set.  Sign-ups will be on Emma’s website: www.emmakupumitchell.com.  

**At our first collaborative event in November 2016, Emma and I had multiple requests to record a professional CD of our collaboration, which was recorded in December of 2016 :). This CD is a guided regression into your past lives with Emma playing her crystal bowls in the background.  There is also an added bonus of connecting to your "higher wisdom" to receive messages/guidance from your higher self/angels/spirit guides.  This CD is very similar to our live collaboration.  To purchase a downloadable MP3 version ($12), please visit Emma's website: www.emmakupumitchell.com