What is Past Life Regression Therapy?

Past Life Regression Therapy is a unique form of therapy which uses hypnosis to help you to retrieve your past life memories from your subconscious, which stores all of your memories from this lifetime as well as all of your past lives. Healing occurs through recognition of the root causes of physical and emotional symptoms as well as unhealthy relationships and patterns of behavior. It helps you to learn more about yourself and allows you to have a deeper understanding of what it is that you need to do in this lifetime to learn important lessons that your soul has set up for you to learn. I have done many past life regression sessions since my training in 2011 and have observed healing that often occurs quicker than traditional psychotherapy. Healing occurs on a deeper level... a soul level. Many of my clients have experienced a decrease in depression, anxiety, and fear of death. Physical symptoms that were connected to past lives have also disappeared through the process of past life regression. My clients also find that we reincarnate with our soul families and animals lifetime after lifetime, which often helps with the healing process of grief. It also gives people a better understanding of their relationships with others, as patterns often repeat if lessons are not yet learned. The understanding of self also increases, which often leads to a better understanding of what direction to take in life and positive choices that can be made to help quality-of-life improvement.

Photo courtesy of Steven Hyer, Jr.

In addition to seeing past lives, I also help my clients under hypnosis to access what I call a "higher level of knowledge"... this helps people to connect with their higher selves/angels/guides/masters/loved ones who have passed to obtain knowledge, guidance, and/or answers to specific questions that they have to help them in their lives. Some of my clients are also able to access their memories of soul planning sessions with their soul mates/soul families through hypnosis, which have been tremendously healing for them. These sessions reveal agreements made between souls and lessons to be learned prior to being reincarnated in this lifetime.

Jamie with Dr. Brian Weiss in 2011

I have been extremely fortunate to obtain my training from Dr. Brian Weiss (the world's leading specialist on past life regression and best selling author of many books, including Many Lives, Many Masters) and his wife, Carole Weiss, MSW. They are incredibly kind, wonderful, down to earth people. I am deeply grateful to them both for their support and commitment to train therapists like myself from all over the world so that we may offer this amazing form of therapy to others in our private practices. I highly recommend reading at least one of Dr. Brian Weiss' books to get a better understanding of past life regression therapy, as he provides case examples in his books with amazing stories of healing.  Understanding the process and healing components of past life regression therapy may help you to calm any analytical thoughts or questions you may have while under hypnosis. My favorite of Dr. Weiss' books are Same Soul, Many Bodies and Miracles Happen (which he co-wrote with his daughter, Amy Weiss). If you are not able to obtain any of his books, there is free information on the internet available. He has an episode on Oprah.com Super Soul Sunday in which he describes the healing components of past life regression therapy and how he stumbled upon it in his office in 1980. He also has information on his website (www.BrianWeiss.com) and on YouTube: "Ask Dr. Weiss" in which he answers questions that people all over the world have sent him. This information is very informative and may be able to answer many of your questions.