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 "Calm confidence" is the best way I can describe the results of past life regression therapy. Things that used to create tension or anxiety for me no longer do. For years, I've sought out ways to relax (other forms of therapy, meditation, healthier diet, etc.) and while those tools have certainly helped me relax, nothing has been as effective or as immediate as past life regression therapy. This therapy coupled with Jamie's skill as a guide produced more positive results than I ever could have hoped for. Jamie exudes warmth and care in a very soothing way. When you have a session with her, there is no pressure and no judgment. Instead, she listens patiently and with an open mind. Jamie's low pressure inquisitive approach allows her to guide you in a way that moves you forward through your regression in a thoughtful and productive manner. The questions she asks on your behalf while you are under demonstrate her thorough understanding of your needs as well as how to extract maximum information during the time you are under. Jamie and I met once a week for six months until I had to move back to the mainland (otherwise, I'd still be seeing her weekly). During that brief time, I finally wrote and illustrated my first two children's books, which has been a dream of mine for several years. The "calm confidence" that I now enjoy allowed my creative brain to open up and also quieted my fearful brain that subconsciously halted my efforts to follow my dreams. To say that past life regression therapy with Jamie has been "life changing" would be an understatement. I truly believe that I will live my best version of this lifetime as well as future lifetimes thanks to Jamie's wonderful guidance. I am grateful beyond words."

- C.S., 34, Kailua, HI

 "Past life regression therapy has been an immense journey into myself with Jamie as a wonderful and supportive guide. Lifelong difficulties in my relationship with my mother have subsided replacing anger and resentment with deep love and compassion. Risk-taking, though still scary, has become integral to my growth in ways I am no longer willing to ignore. Most significantly, the exploration of my past life experiences, struggles and myriad happiness teaches me acceptance of myself. At last, I am learning how to be first, instead of second. Jamie's practice and methodology create a safe and embracing environment in which all of this has become possible."

-P.W., 44, Honolulu, HI

 "When I met Jamie for our initial visit, my immediate thought was, OMG, what a gorgeous looking person, beautiful (nice hair), however, much too young or inexperienced to conduct this method of therapy. I took a deep breath, and with an open mind and an open heart I proceeded with the regression. I recall her voice being one of an angel, soothing, clear, soft and mostly safe. After the regression, she asked some very good questions; perhaps using her skill set as a LCSW as well. Her compassion comes through with every spoken word. I've done many sessions with Jamie. Each session answers questions that have long gone unanswered. Each session brings more clarity to my purpose in this life. Each session brings warmth, brings love and a sense of safety. Thank you Jamie for all that you do and all that you are."

- J.F., 53, Honolulu, HI

"Before my past-life regression session with Jamie, I had been putting in long hours at my office, which means over-working, over-thinking and over-planning. Planning is good, but not if it dams the flow of creativity.

After our time together, I was able to step back and see the "bigger picture," mission and focus of my business, and I knew (I don't know how, I just knew) that the details would fall into place in the perfect time. I instantly let go of my need to control every detail of the programs and people I work with because of my PLR session. I immediately understood that my faith had carried me this far, and is playing a large role in my life as I move forward.

Since then, I have several new programs with ongoing clients and classes, I speak regularly to interested groups about the importance of balance and aligning your purpose, and I am now exploring different ways of posting informational webinars on staying in balance. My creativity and finances are increasing daily, and I feel I am in the right position now, although I haven't moved from where I was. I believe all of this is because I had a PLR session with Jamie Monroy. Thank you, Jamie!"

Susan M. Suzuki

Owner, Mentor and Energy Healer at The Healing Arts Center (Aiea,HI) 



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